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4th June 2016

I will be exhibiting at the Belle Vue Arts Festival 2016 in Shrewsbury (11th - 18th June), check out the events page for futher details.



8th May 2016

The Artists collection is launched today. We have four works highlighting spectacular natural phenomenon and landforms that provide images in the style of some famous Artists – Van Gogh, Pollock and Munch. Check out our Galleries page for more information.


3rd May 2010

Further information regarding my first exhibtion at Frank Café Bar (Shrewsbury) including exhibit listing can now be found on the Events page. The opening night will be the 1st June, please join me from 7pm.



21st February 2010

I am pleased to announce Palette Earth will have its first exhibition at Frank Café Bar in Shrewsbury from the 1st June to 3rd July 2010. Please visit the news and event page nearer the time when I will be announcing the list of satellite image art to be displayed.



27th June 2009

The BRIT Art collection is launched today. We have four works of spectacular art from over Great Britain. Check out our new Galleries page for more information.



1st March 2009

Spring is here and so are four new works of Satellite image art from Australia, Bolivia, Russia and the Arctic which can be found on page 4 of the Gallery. I am currently working on a number of new satellite image art projects. The first project will be a set of special edition prints replicating famous works of art. The second project will be a set of UK and Ireland limited edition art prints. If you would like further information or contacted when new satellite image art becomes available please email: