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Welcome to Palette Earth! - Satellite Image Art


Orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 705 kilometers the Landsat series of satellites have been capturing imagery since the early 1970’s.  Palette Earth is a collection of satellite image art produced by Paul Murphy. With over 25 years experience in processing various types of satellite imagery Paul has generated an exclusive collection of stunning contemporary art.


From searching an archive of thousands each Landsat satellite image has been carefully selected. With nine spectral bands to manipulate; and utilising sophisticated image processing techniques, Paul has managed to turn science into spectacular works of art.


The images are available to buy as limited edition high-quality box canvas prints. Whether purchasing prints for yourself or as a unique gift, you will receive a dramatic vision of our world highlighting the wonderful variety of patterns and textures on the earth’s surface; man made or natural you can guarantee they will be a major talking point in any home or office.


Please enjoy viewing Palette Earth.

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